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Party Squasher
Protect your property. Reassure your neighbors.
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False Alarm! How Noise Sensors Fail to Protect
False Alarm! How Noise Sensors Fail to Protect
False Alarm! How Noise Sensors Fail to Protect
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Party Squasher sensor with app

Welcome guests. Prevent parties.

Party Squasher™, the first guest occupancy counter for homes, is a low-cost, easy-to-use solution designed for short-term rental managers who want to be alerted to any large gathering at a property. Party Squasher prevents parties before the noise starts by continuously monitoring the number of guests at a property.

Connect our compact sensor to your home’s Internet router and Party Squasher counts the number of mobile phones in and around your house. View real time guest occupancy anytime on our mobile app. Set an occupancy limit and you will receive a text message or email when the occupancy exceeds your threshold. Then you call the guest or take other action.

Better than a noise monitor

Noise monitors were the first technology developed to address the short-term rental party problem and several products are available.  Unlike noise monitors, which can never alert you until a party is in full swing, Party Squasher alerts you as soon as the crowd has assembled.

Noise monitors are an outdated solution because they are:

One Party Squasher sensor monitors an entire house including front and back yards, can’t be muffled, requires no batteries, connects directly to your home’s router, and is privacy-friendly.  

Party Squasher vs. Noise Detectors

The Smart Way to Prevent Parties

 When you rent your property on Airbnb, you want the peace of mind that your tenant won’t damage your home, annoy your neighbors, or hurt your relationship with the city. Here’s the story of one party in a short-term rental that didn’t get out of hand!

Don’t let one bad tenant ruin your short-term rental property. Detect parties before the noise starts. Trust, but verify!

Quick to install, easy to use

Our small sensor (2” x 2” x 1”) is discreet and can be hidden away, even in a closet.  Set it up in three steps, with no batteries or maintenance required: 

1. Download the Party Squasher mobile app (for Android or iPhone).  Then enter your email address and scan the sensor’s QR code.

2. Attach the sensor to your home router with the provided cables.

3. Use our mobile app to select house size, set alert threshold (# of mobile phones detected), and choose to receive alerts via SMS or email.

Easily manage multiple properties from the Party Squasher mobile app, setting unique alert thresholds for each property.  View realtime and historical visitor counts.  Alerts are also sent 15 minutes after a sensor is disconnected from the home network (or your home loses power).

Manage 1 or 1,000 Properties

Party Squasher is designed for managers of short-term rentals, like those promoted on Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO. Our mobile app lets you connect to listing calendars, to quickly view your guest’s contact details.  

Party Squasher Standard is ideal for individual property managers, who can manage up to a half-dozen properties with just a mobile phone. 

Party Squasher Pro offers application programming interfaces (APIs) and a web dashboard suitable for managing 1,000 properties with ease.  

Our service is ideal for detached homes, where our calibration (small, medium or large homes) lets the sensor distinguish between mobile phones on your property and those nearby. It is not suitable to homes (e.g. apartments) that share walls with other homes.

Six-month money-back guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied by the product, return it, and we’ll refund your money. 

Evaluate the Options Before You Choose a Monitoring Technology

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Takes place on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 6-9pm at The Russian Center of San Francisco, 2450 Sutter Street. After a hiatus due to the pandemic, the Home Sharers trade fair is back!

Join Party Squasher staff and see the product in action. Entry is FREE! Free food and drinks, too!