We are a Silicon Valley-based technology company intent on creating a party-free environment in your short term rental.

We believe in a homeowner’s right to responsibly rent their property.

We believe in neighbors’ rights to a safe and quiet environment.

We believe in a guest’s right to privacy.

We believe in technology’s ability to make the world a better place.

We were designed for hosts by hosts.

The Party Squasher service was conceived by a BlueZoo product manager who was herself an Airbnb host.  Our product manager realized that BlueZoo’s patented technology for occupancy measurement would be a vastly superior solution for party prevention than simple noise monitoring product.  The Party Squasher dashboards and mobile apps are designed expressly for short-term rental property operators.  

Party Squasher is a consumer product line from Wi-Fi innovator BlueZoo, Inc.  BlueZoo is a location data analytics company that is pioneering privacy-centric location analytics for the advertising, retail, and insurance industries.  BlueZoo products are protected by seven United States patents covering Wi-Fi access, privacy, and network communications.  Our team is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

Party Squasher protects hosts, neighbors, guests, and communities in dozens of countries around the world.