Reno Airbnb had 4-person limit. Cops found 60 underage drinkers, gunshots and blood.

Airbnb Reno Party House

The Airbnb renter sounded pleasant enough — before she arrived, that is.

The guest, who had been verified by Airbnb, was a 19-year-old girl who said she was looking for a nice place for her parents to stay over the weekend in Reno, Nevada. And Sierra Water Gardens, a former boutique garden store transformed into a rental home, seemed perfect. 

There was enough room at the two-bedroom house for a handful of people (four visitors was the limit; no parties or events allowed), and it was located right along the Truckee River, not far from downtown Reno, according to the owners of the property.

But at 2:30 a.m. on March 24, the homeowner, Samantha Stremmel, got a call from police saying she should think about coming down to the home — and for good reason: Instead of hosting parents, her rental home was hosting a colossal, bloody rager for underage drinkers.

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