Parties During Global Pandemic Finally Spur Action

BAM! The meteor is hitting. Today Airbnb announced a series of moves to eliminate parties at Airbnb venues worldwide. Party Squasher and our customers have seen this coming for a while, and now the hard part: how to make sure that your property does not violate the new rules?

There is a lot of information on the Party Squasher website that explains what we do and why we exist, but with the news today we should reiterate the basics.

  1. Owners have underutilized property
  2. Travelers have a need for affordable and unique lodging
  3. Neighbors desire peace
  4. Communities demand social responsibility

Party Squasher anonymously counts the number of people in your property and alerts you if the number exceeds your agreed upon thresholds. Many bad actors have damaged our reputation at the worst possible time, for instance New Jersey Governor Condemns House Party at a Packed Airbnb with Over 700 Guests. Ouch.

Now is the time to add the “party detector” to your already mandatory smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. 


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