Party Nuisances Go Well Beyond Noise: Parking, Traffic, and Congestion

Large gatherings at short-term rentals are a problem for a number of reasons. Operators are on the hook for the property itself, the assets at the property, and ultimately the relationship with the community in which they provide their services. When a large number of people gather at a rental property, bad things can happen.

Location, location, location. Whether it’s a waterfront home near the beach, a ski lodge near the slopes, or just a rental property near a popular tourist attraction, your location matters. By definition, large numbers of people want to go to the popular attraction, and this can pose real challenges to the infrastructure. 

Parking spaces assigned to properties and near street parking that was designed for single-family homes, for example, are not well equipped to support throngs of beach visitors in the summertime. Similarly, parking infrastructures for single-family homes in popular locations are not designed for large numbers of partygoers.

When groups of partygoers show up for a party, they often park wherever is most convenient for them, ignoring laws and common courtesy. Cities from Nashville to Dallas and New Orleans have struggled with the impacts of parking from short-term rentals. For example, in South Lake Tahoe, parking was by far the No. 1 issue that the city received emails about in regard to the city’s vacation home rental law. Noise concerns were just 1/5th of the complaints. The ordinance levies a $1,000 fine against renters for parking on the street or dirt and fines the property owner $1,000 as well.

Traffic and congestion from large parties is also a major concern for Operators because of the damage it can do to a community. Illegal u-turns, idling cars in front of houses, the flow of endless Uber/Lyft drivers delivering and picking up partygoers, street racing, and a bevy of other vehicle and foot traffic problems damage quality of life and can enrage your neighbors. 

Party Squasher anonymously counts the number of mobile phones at your property and alerts you when thresholds are passed. This means as an Operator, you know when a party is forming, and you can reach out to your guests before real problems begin and remind them of the rules of the house. In addition, when neighbors learn you have Party Squasher installed, they don’t need to worry about the parking, traffic, and congestion problems that come with party houses – and they really appreciate your consideration for their neighborhood. It’s a win all around! 

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