Party on the Roof! How One Property Owner Stopped a Disaster

Hemerson Mendoza Bautista is a short-term rental owner/operator with two properties on the west coast of the United States. Like many short-term rental property owners, Bautista has encountered more than one event with his guests that put his income on the line.

The Roof Party

Bautista first recognized that he needed Party Squasher during a trip to Mexico when he decided to try to manage one of his short-term rental properties while away. During his trip, he was alerted by an angry neighbor to a loud college party happening at his short-term rental property…without his knowledge or consent.  The party included a dozen college students on the roof of his house!

“The neighbors freaked out, and I freaked out…this cannot happen again, and I need to find a way to…avoid these situations.”

As a result of this incident, Bautista realized that he needed to know about parties on his properties before the neighbors complained. As a property manager, he knew the risks of out-of-control parties, including overcrowding, traffic, and violence. Especially with the party taking place on the roof of the house, he knew how easy it could have been for someone to get hurt. Furthermore, the liability issues regarding safety hazards gave him a headache he could avoid going forward with the right technology. 

Bautista decided to install Party Squasher on his property in Glendale, AZ, in order to get ahead of any signs of overcrowding and partying before his neighbors found out. Party Squasher’s occupancy monitoring technology counts the number of mobile devices present at a property, using that number as a proxy for the number of people on or around the home.

“It was super easy… easier to set up than a TV. The app was really easy to use. It worked really, really well.”

Since installing Party Squasher, Bautista said he has avoided party-related problems entirely. For instance, he gets a warning every few months if a party arises, and he is able to stop the party before it stops him. If you ever find yourself in a situation like Bautista, there is an easy and practical solution. Give Party Squasher a try today!

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