Top 5 Concerns for Short Term Rental Owners on the Fourth of July

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As the Fourth of July approaches, it is important to know what to expect as a short term rental property owner for this celebratory weekend. It may come as no surprise that large gatherings and annual fireworks are anticipated; however, the negative consequences of these festivities should be at the forefront of a property owner’s mind. Owners can encounter:

  • Restrictions from two-night minimum Airbnb policy
  • Increased risk of fire or injury from fireworks
  • Property damage due to rowdy behavior
  • False noise alarms triggered from fireworks
  • Airbnb’s permanent ban on parties (effective June 28)

Concern #1: Limitations with Airbnb two-night minimum policy for Fourth of July

During the summer holidays, Airbnb announced that some guests may be restricted from making one night bookings. In doing so, Airbnb aims to prevent parties at rentals. According to the article in the Washington Post, a similar anti-party policy last year impacted roughly 126,000 guests, but violence still persisted. Regardless, property owners must consider this policy for the Fourth of July, as the nature of the holiday often sparks overcrowding and out-of-control parties. 

Concern #2: Exposure to Potential Injury and Fires

Fireworks are a beloved tradition during the 4th of July; setting off illegal fireworks can have repercussions affecting guests and the neighboring homes. Last year, an illegal fireworks display led to a series of explosions that frightened people in Rialto, California.  A guest’s blatant disregard for safety should be a primary worry for property owners in order to prevent situations like this from happening.

Concern #3: Fourth of July Property Damage

With BBQ and other outdoor activities, property owners may encounter a mess when arriving back at their house.  Party Squasher’s partner, Safely, reported that after the last Fourth of July, one property owner returned to “damaged cookware, pots and pans, and missing plates [with] rotting food by the BBQ on the stove and left uncovered in the fridge.” If left at the mercy of guests, property damage can be an expensive problem to solve.

Concern #4: Fighting False Alarms

Noise monitors, sometimes used to detect parties underway, have a serious flaw:  they often trigger false alarms from loud noises–like fireworks–not associated with a party. This outdated technology can be replaced with a Party Squasher, which instead continuously measures the *number* of people at a property, counting mobile phones as a proxy.  Noise monitors have a similar problem with garbage collectors, fussy children, and margarita blenders–all contributors to distracting false alarms. 

Concern #5: Airbnb Permanent Ban on All Listings

In addition to the two-night minimum policy, Airbnb announced a permanent ban on all listings. This new policy makes permanent the indefinite party ban established in 2020.  With the ban put in place, Airbnb saw a “44% drop in the rate of party reports.” Party Squasher thinks that this is a great step for eliminating parties at short term rentals.  Now, adopt the proven tool for detecting parties and protecting your property:  give Party Squasher a try today!  Through the Fourth of July, only, save 20% on a Party Squasher with coupon code July4!

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

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