How to install Party Squasher

Get up and running with this handy guide

Getting started: Step by step

1. Get the app

First, download and install the Party Squasher mobile app.

Then use the mobile app to create an account, or to sign in if you already have an existing account.

2. Hook up everything

Use the provided ethernet cable to connect your Party Squasher sensor to your home router. Use the provided USB cable and power adapter to provide power to your sensor.

3. Add & configure the sensor

Using the mobile app, add the sensor to your account by scanning the QR code on the bottom of the sensor. Then, use the mobile app to configure your sensor:
  • Choose a name for your home
  • Choose a size to indicate the boundaries of your home:
    • Small: Within 30 feet of the sensor
    • Medium: Within 80 feet of the sensor
    • Large: Up to 200 feet from the sensor
  • Set an alert threshold (e.g., twice the expected number of occupants)
  • Enter a mobile phone number or email address to receive alerts. All mobile phones running the Party Squasher app and logged into your account will also receive alerts.

4. Monitoring & adjustment

Use your mobile phone to check on the real time and historical occupancy at your home. You’ll get alerts on the app when the alert threshold is exceeded, as well as alerts via email or SMS. Use the mobile app to:

  • Change your alert threshold (as the number of expected guests varies)
  • Change your alert SMS number and email address
  • Change the kind of alerts you wish to receive

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