Another Spate of Avoidable Shootings at Airbnbs

We have written several times about the nuisances that come from parties at short-term rentals including traffic, parking and congestion, noise, theft, vandalism, and violent crime. Violent crime results from out of control parties at short term rentals – often beginning with alcohol induced fights that escalate into avoidable shootings. 

Incidents This Week

This week two more shootings occurred at short-term rentals in the US. In Nashville, a 14 year old was shot at an “out of control party”. According to the news report, a concerned neighbor “was reporting the noise to the Airbnb hotline, but when he heard gunshots ring out he immediately called 911.” The noise problem, once again, came too late to avoid the tragedy at the Airbnb. 

In another incident this week, at least 30 rounds were fired at a property rented through Airbnb in Tempe Arizona. Unsurprisingly, the shootout has led to calls for more regulation of short-term rentals. As a result, the property is no longer available on Airbnb. Media attention about violence at short-term rentals continues to grow, and this puts your short-term rental business at risk.

While it caught some off guard, the scene is not new to law enforcement across the Valley, who have been trying to stop shootings at house parties and other large events.

“Strangers come, strangers congregate, strangers get into an argument, strangers get high, strangers end up shooting each other and everybody scatters, ” law enforcement expert Art Acevedo said.

Many of the parties are reportedly posted on social media sites, which brings in a large group of strangers. Unlike at a bar club or restaurant, there’s no one at the front door at house parties checking for weapons and limiting who can come in and out.

Minimizing Avoidable Shootings

The notorious October 2019 shooting at an short-term rental in Orinda California resulted in four tragic deaths. The shootings this week, however, can be avoided with proper safeguards, such as early warnings from Party Squasher. Party Squasher can identify when party goers are gathering and send an alert before the party gets out-of-hand and the noise occurs. Just the presence of the device alone (it is tamperproof) can deter would-be party hosts.  

Responsible operators want to be good members of the community and Party Squasher devices demonstrate your willingness to invest in solving the party problem. Read our free ebook The Definitive Guide to Preventing Party Disasters or try Party Squasher or Party Squasher Pro today.

Photo by Hiroshi Kimura on Unsplash

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