Cities Go On the Offensive: San Diego, Atlanta, La Quinta Among an Avalanche of Cities with New Regulations

Local municipal leaders are responsible for safety in their communities – whether it be law enforcement, firefighters, or even lifeguards. Residents expect those leaders to take action when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, the growing problem of parties at short term rental properties is growing, and constituents are pressuring their elected leaders to take action against operators.

In San Diego, the mayor signed an ordinance to cap the number of short-term rentals to 1% of the housing supply. The problem with that law is how the city is going to distribute the licenses. This new regulation will close quite a few short term rentals and the question on everyone’s mind is “What will be the criteria to get the new license?” 

Atlanta is also putting regulations in place to address the short-term rental market. ”The new ordinance will require a $150 annual fee to rent out a house. Owners will be charged $300 dollars for every violation committed by renters and an 8% rental tax will be applied to every rental.” 


 In the city of La Quinta, in Coachella Valley, parties and noise complaints are the main problem they have on their hands. To solve their issue problem, La Quinta City looked at different technologies – including Party Squasher – and decided to conduct a pilot trying out these solutions to mitigate the problem 3 party. The results of this pilot will be presented at the City Council in July. announced on July 20th.

The short-term vacation rental sector is growing every day with more people today that prefer to rent a house or apartment while traveling. The number of rented houses is increasing and with that, the problem of party guests became more prominent too. 

Photo by David McBee from Pexels

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