False Alarm! How Noise Sensors Fail to Protect

It’s amazing how often people confuse Party Squasher with noise sensors. We get asked about noise sensors so often that we made a super short, super simple explainer video that summarizes the difference between a Party Squasher system and a noise sensor. 

While putting a noise sensor in your property will notify you of noise, it is an ancient technology with a lot of limitations. The most important thing to recognize is that for party prevention, noise sensors will only notify you AFTER the crowd has gathered and a problem has occurred. By then, it’s too late to prevent the party – and its related problems.

Other shortcomings explored in the video:

  • False alarms – noise sensors are notorious as being right “10 out of 2 times”, since any loud noise such as a passing motorcycle or screaming child, can set off the alarm.
  • Tampering – on the other hand, noise sensors must be in the open to hear the noise, meaning they are easily disabled by muffling, covering, or moving the device. 
  • Privacy – nobody wants a microphone in their home.
  • Limited range – to cover a large property and/or a property with outdoor space, you will need several sensors, which can become quite expensive. 

Crowd related (but not noise) nuisances are not addressed in any way, including:

  • Congestion: traffic, parking, and neighborhood congestion from large parties that may or may not make a lot of noise, but still upset neighbors and communities.
  • Property damage: vandalism and damage to the property that come from large gatherings that again, may or may not create noise.
  • Crime: violence, fights, and subsequent shootings (a problem that has significantly plagued the short-term rental industry in recent years) can not be 

Enjoy and share the short video, and we would love to hear your experiences with noise sensors and with Party Squasher! 

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