Improving the Short Term Rental Experience with Data Analytics

Guests have new rental expectations—but can your properties meet them? A structural shift occurred in the real estate industry. A study at Clemson University found heightened demands by guests on amenities and customer service over the last two decades. While this is already a custom in well-developed, global real estate markets, guests in developing real estate markets are also starting to expect better customer service from rental managers. Since the real estate market can be competitive, property managers need to leverage data analytics to keep up with market trends. Through data analytics, rental managers can uncover key insights and keep short-term tenants satisfied.

Is Data Analytics Useful for Rental Businesses?

Data analytics may seem unconventional for real estate properties; given that the real estate market can be affected by numerous factors. Albert de Plazaola pointed out that more professionals are using quantitative metrics to identify inefficiencies and rental property opportunities. Through data analytics, professionals can maximize their rental spaces, boost the safety of their properties, and use their resources efficiently.

Despite the benefits of data analytics, numerous rental managers are hesitant to integrate this innovative solution into their own businesses. The real estate market is becoming more challenging. A Maryville University post explains that property managers can use data to spot trends and solve problems. By organizing data on the status of rental properties, data analytics professionals can help property owners conduct an analysis on increasing efficiency for maintenance, advertising, and much more.

Rental managers previously relied on experimentation and suggestions. Now they can use data to find efficient solutions to their problems and tap into greater rental potential. Through these data-driven insights, it will be easier to meet the expectations of the tenants and improve the rental unit.

How to Leverage Data Analytics for Rental Experiences

Invest in data collection technologies

To get useful insights, you need to collect high-quality data about your rental property. Recognizing the need for better information, our article on ‘Smart Devices in Short-term Rental Business’ points out that home automation technologies can help you monitor information about your rental property without any false alarms and tampering. Through these sensors, you can automate property monitoring as well as access real-time and historical data regarding the rental units.

Understand the insights coming from the data

Once you’ve collected the data, you can tap data experts to uncover crucial insights regarding your own property. To illustrate, University of Economics–Varna and University of Sibiu experts suggested that you can use property data to understand the energy or even the Internet consumption of your tenants. You can also analyze data about your consumers to understand how to attract and retain them as tenants for the rental units.

Create innovative solutions for your properties

It can be overwhelming to deal with numerous factors for improvement, but data-driven insights can lead you to the best solutions for your properties. For instance, you can monitor the safety of your property and the compliance of your tenants through a guest occupancy counter. Data analytics can provide you insights regarding these solutions. You can minimize future troubles regarding unauthorized parties or guests.

Data analytics are rental managers’ new best friend. By using quality data about your property, you can ensure that your rental units will remain occupied.

This article was specially written for by Anna Collins

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