Irrational Exuberance: How Revenge Travel is Shaping Our 2022 Summer

Have you heard of “revenge travel” or “vacation vengeance”? In 2020, the world stopped, and nobody could discover the globe. The pandemic gave many a lot to think about what they were missing out on and what they wanted their priorities to be. Former Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan, had the best perspective on this idea.  He warned us that at the end of the 20th century, snowballing enthusiasm could have adverse consequences if left unchecked.  (That’s a great life lesson if there ever was one.)  

A spate of articles about the travel industry like this article about revenge travel warns that the summer of 2022 will unleash an onslaught of pent-up demand for canceled or deferred vacations due to the COVID pandemic.  This is a good thing, yet there are already indications that popping the cork on years of bottled-up frustration can lead to extreme behaviors. 

As people find their freedom again, travel, and discover new cultures, different states, and scenery, many have opted to stay at a short-term rental to immerse themselves in their vacation while still feeling at home. But not everyone has such good behavior. Here at Party Squasher, we think the nationwide violence and property destruction during this year’s spring break could be an interesting preview of what might be coming to a rental property near you.

Be prepared for the travelers

Remember, nothing says “party” like the use of someone else’s unoccupied home.

If you don’t have mitigation mechanisms to prevent short-term rentals abuse, consider Party Squasher.  Its proprietary technology is far superior to solutions such as cameras and noise monitors.  You can know in real-time if there are too many people in or around your rental property.  How you respond depends, of course, on your situation.  Knowing about a problem (or a potential one) sooner than later can prevent chaos, property destruction, and ill will from the surrounding community.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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