Proper Insurance & Party Squasher Partner to Provides Robust Coverage


Earlier this week we announced that insurer Property Protect is now offering their customers a discount for protecting their short-term rental properties with Party Squasher. It was a validation of what Party Squasher users have known for a long time – that Party Squasher can prevent damage and reduce liabilities. Today we are thrilled to unveil a new partnership with insurer Proper Insurance to provide even more complete coverage for operators, including building, contents, liability, and even income loss.

Many of the millions of properties rented via short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo have varied usage patterns. Sometimes the property is rented per night as a short-term rental, sometimes it is rented for months as a traditional rental, sometimes it is used by the owner themselves, and sometimes it is even left unoccupied. The varying types of usage create a complex array of potential coverage requirements – commercial, landlord, and/or personal. Proper Insurance provides one policy that covers commercial and personal use of your vacation rental, and Party Squasher users will now receive 10% off their liability premium.

Proper Insurance has written more than 50,000 policies in all 50 US states and is backed by Lloyd’s of London. They have custom penned the most comprehensive policy on the market with unmatched protection for your property, income, host liability, amenity liability (bikes, kayaks, hot tubs, etc.), theft, bed bugs, squatters and more. Proper Insurance’s robust offering lets you replace your homeowners or landlord insurance with a single, purpose built policy.

Party Squasher customers know that using our service meaningfully reduces risk of damage and loss because you can monitor, predict, and prevent parties and large gatherings. Now, our customers can benefit directly from this reduced risk through broad and deep coverage provided by Proper Insurance.

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