Property Protect Offers Insurance Discounts for Party Squasher Customers

If you use Party Squasher you know that it is like having extra insurance for your short term rental. Party Squasher measures occupancy, and can help you predict and prevent problems that result from parties and overcrowding (traffic & parking, property damage & crime, and even health & community welfare). Party Squasher reduces risks by preventing problems before they start, so it is natural that companies which provide actual insurance for rental properties encourage the use of Party Squasher.

We are thrilled to announce that Property Protect and Party Squasher are partnering to deliver robust protection for your short term rental business. Party Squasher customers now receive a 10% discount on Property Protect policies. Like having a monitored fire alarm, having a monitored Party Squasher system is now recognized and rewarded for reducing the incidence and severity of claims in your short term rental business.

Property Protect provides digital insurance for short and long term rentals to protect against common risks such as theft, pet damage, and property damage. Its platform makes it both easy and affordable to secure protection for as little as a single night, and can be purchased by the guest or host.

Insurance experts like those at Property Protect have deep insights and experience into risks and events which result in claims. The new partnership is formal validation of what our customers already know – Party Squasher reduces your short term rental business risks.

Contact us at with your Party Squasher username to get access to that special offer.

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