Smart Devices in Short-term Rental Business

Smart house concept

Let’s take the long view for a change. Many industries start with artisans filling a need with a new product, service, or solution; and if the demand is compelling, over time, the artisans grow or larger players join the new business. The short-term rental industry has followed the same pattern. Many individual owners offer bedrooms or whole houses as alternatives to traditional hotels. As the industry matured, some operators grew, and other more prominent players joined. 

The ongoing “professionalization” of the short-term rental industry is driven by both the competitive dynamics of providers and guests’ changing expectations. While a few years ago, guests didn’t know what to expect in a property, today, they expect clean, safe, and well-managed spaces. Similarly, property managers strive to deliver the highest quality service at the lowest cost. Over time, the best service with the lowest cost structure will win. That’s where automation comes in. 

Technology and Automatization

Vacasa is an example of a large operator that is betting on automation, having deployed ‘smart homes’ that include keyless entry and Wi-Fi routers in 13,000 of their 35,000 properties.    Similarly, a deluge of smart home automation companies recently received funding from professional investors. For example, Operato provides property managers with a suite of IoT devices such as energy management devices and motion sensors. In addition, SmartRent provides home automation solutions, including locks, parking, doorbells, and cameras.

Of course, we at Party Squasher have been providing innovative home automation technology since our inception. Our patented occupancy counting sensors deliver privacy and automation that cameras can’t without the false alarms and tampering / disabling flaws that come with noise monitors. 

As you modernize your business and look to deliver the best guest experience at the lowest cost, automation will set you apart. Party Squasher sensors, especially the Party Squasher Pro dashboard, automate property monitoring and lay the foundation for your future. 

Image from iStock from metamorworks

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