Rented and Party Squasher Webinar: Technologies to Improve Your ROI

The Art of Pricing

On the Art of Pricing: How technologies help increase your ROI, Rented host Talia Lockard joined by Elise Renard, Marketing Manager at Party Squasher, and Michael Pedenko, Founder of Porter. This week, an insightful conversation on the vast landscape of technologies available to vacation rental property managers. In addition, the webinar focuses on party prevention technologies to protect your properties.

Michael shares stories stories on how he protects his properties and shared the the time when “around 10 o’clock at night, at one of our bigger property, the [Party Squasher] count went from 16 to 24 all the sudden to 58. We looked at the front camera, and a party bus was rolling in. We were able to stop a party in its tracks.”

Navigating the options and deciding on the ultimate technology stack is complex, and our panel breaks it down for you. With technologies, property managers of any size compete on the scale of more prominent and national managers. The investment allows automation and gives peace of mind and efficiency to any manage

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