Wednesday, August 24th Webinar Party Prevention Policy: Love It, Leave It… or Profit with RedAwning and Safely

On August 24 at 10 am PST, Party Squasher, RedAwning, and Safely insurance are collaborating on a webinar to address the Airbnb ban on parties at short-term rentals. Together, all three companies will discuss the concerns and consequences of parties and how property owners can still profit and thrive with the changes happening in the short-term rental industry.

Topics of the webinar

How to Protect your Assets and Manage Your Liabilities —  Tips and strategies from Safely on how to insure your success and better screen your guests

How to Monitor your Home and Prevent Problems —  Strategies and tips from Party Squasher on keeping control of your property and guests at all times

How to Profit from No-Party Policies — Expert advice from RedAwning on how to position your listing to attract a high volume of the right guests, and price accordingly

You can learn more here and register at

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