Winning the Property: How Vacation Rental Management Companies Leverage Technology to Win Owner Loyalty

Running a vacation rental business means gaining the trust of property owners who will rely on your management expertise to maximize their property income. In some cases, you are competing with publicly-traded property management companies like Vacasa, which recently became listed on NASDAQ. These companies leverage technology catalogs to expand their property portfolio.

Owners want property management companies that will protect their homes. Traditional tools that owners value include security cameras, guest screening services, and general liability insurance. Consequently, many property management companies include these amenities in an effort to better appeal to property owners.

Party Squasher represents a new category of technology–party prevention–that is an ideal part of any technology catalog. Party Squasher can help assure property owners that you can: 

  • Keep neighbors happy and communities safe
  • Protect physical property such as buildings, furniture, and decorations 
  • Avoid unwarranted crime and violence

Add Party Squasher to your Property Management Technology Catalog

Leading short term rental (STR) property management companies like AvantStay incorporate Party Squasher to give property owners peace of mind.  Party Squasher detects parties–and alerts the management company–before the noise starts. As a result, this can prevent not only property damage, but nuisances like parking and traffic.  

Management companies use Party Squasher to manage the number of occupants in real time without the invasion of tenants’ privacy. Using modern Wi-Fi monitoring sensors, Party Squasher counts the number of mobile phones in and around the property to gauge occupancy. Specifically, a single Party Squasher sensor, located at a home’s Internet router, can cover the entire property, including front and back yards.  If this number exceeds the maximum occupancy set on the mobile app (or web dashboard), the property manager is alerted by text or email.

The recent availability of occupancy detectors gives STR property management companies a new tool to reassure homeowners that their properties are safe. AvantStay is one STR manager that has started to leverage technology to allow for low maintenance and remote management of their STR properties. Rather than installing noise monitors, the new standard for mitigating large gatherings is with Party Squasher. 

Winning Owner Loyalty

When you offer the best technologies, such as Party Squasher, you improve your chances of recruiting new property owners. In doing so, you can cultivate owner loyalty. Give us a try today!

Photo by Eli Sommer from Pexels

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