RedAwning and Party Squasher Announce Partnership to Raise Awareness and Stop Parties

Party Squasher is delighted to officially announce our partnership with RedAwning. RedAwning is the most comprehensive platform for vacation rental marketing, distribution, and management. Under a single contract, RedAwning uses channel-specific optimization approaches to put your property in front of all guests across major online travel websites. In doing so, you can maximize your vacation rental property success and minimize any hassle. 

Similarly, Party Squasher (PSQ) gives peace of mind to short-term property owners by eliminating parties before they start. Party Squasher’s occupancy monitoring technology counts the number of mobile devices present at a property and uses that number as a proxy for the number of people on or around the house. By installing Party Squasher, property owners can have the foresight of a potential party happening and control the situation before it gets out of control. 

Why Integrate Property Management with Party Prevention

In pursuing this partnership, Party Squasher and RedAwning have set out to improve property owners’ short-term rental management experience. Customers of both companies benefit from the best-in-class solutions to managing their properties. By leveraging property management resources like RedAwning and smart home technology like Party Squasher, owning and renting out properties is easier and more efficient. 

New Webinar Launch with Partners at RedAwning and Safely

On August 24, Party Squasher, RedAwning, and PSQ partner Safely insurance are collaborating on a webinar to address the Airbnb ban on parties at short-term rentals. Together, all three companies will discuss the concerns and consequences of parties and how property owners can still profit and thrive with the changes happening in the short-term rental industry. Make sure to sign up and learn how to protect yourself and your property!

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