SUPERHOG Joins the Party Squasher SafePro Initiative to Ensure Trust and Protection of Short Term Rentals

SUPERHOG joining SafePro

Menlo Park, CA and Stockbridge, United Kingdom – BlueZoo Inc., maker of Party Squasher, the first occupancy measurement technology designed expressly for short-term rental properties, and SUPERHOG, the guest screening and embedded insurance innovator, today announced that SUPERHOG has joined the SafePro program to provide seamless end-to-end protection for property hosts and operators. 

SafePro is the first industry-wide initiative that brings together the best technologies and services to provide protection before, during, and after a short-term rental booking. Successful short-term rental businesses require that trust to be established between guests and hosts. Proper screening, monitoring, and providing property insurance both establishes and verifies that trust relationship.

SUPERHOG provides advanced guest screening and embedded insurance to property managers through its Host Guarantee. Using AI, SUPERHOG seamlessly integrates into pre/post-booking journeys and screens guests through ID Verification, biometric, and financial checks.

Party Squasher delivers small privacy-protecting sensors that enable hosts to monitor occupancy and send alerts when the designated threshold is surpassed. Monitoring the capacity in a rental property has become a critical tool to protect operators and communities from unauthorized parties. Large gatherings and parties often result in problems such as parking, noise, fights, crime, and damages that go beyond just property destruction. 

“As the short-term rental business continues to professionalize, property managers need technologies to protect themselves, their guests, their properties, and their communities,” said Leo Walton, co-founder and growth director of SUPERHOG. “We are thrilled to join the SafePro initiative and partner with Party Squasher to bring solutions to seamlessly screen guests and provide up to $5 million guarantees against damages at rental properties.”

Announced as part of the new relationship, SUPERHOG customers receive a 20% discount on Party Squasher sensors, and Party Squasher customers receive a 15% discount on SUPERHOG guest screening and embedded insurance.   

Property managers can learn more about these discounts and how to protect their properties before, during, and after the stay at:

About Party Squasher  

Party Squasher products are dedicated to protecting properties, hosts, and guests in the short-term rental ecosystem. Party Squasher is a product family from Wi-Fi innovator BlueZoo Inc, a Silicon Valley-based technology company that delivers foot traffic analytics products, including occupancy measurement. BlueZoo’s other product families deliver solutions to the insurance, hospitality, advertising, and real estate industries. BlueZoo has deployed thousands of sensors to hundreds of customers throughout the world.  BlueZoo is funded by Fusion Fund and its advanced technology is protected by six USPTO patents.

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