5 tips to protect yourself as an Airbnb Host


With the start of the new year and the thoughts of the money you’ll spend making it memorable, you may find yourself thinking of ways to earn extra cash or income. Possibly another part time job, perhaps a freelancing stunt. You might even be thinking about renting your home out on a short-term basis using Airbnb, especially if you’ll be away for the holidays. That seems like an easy way to get quick cash without really doing so much work, especially with the rising popularity of holiday rentals.

However, it is essential to note the risks involved in renting out your home to a total stranger. Even though Airbnb has a solid system for screening would-be guests and requires Airbnbers to abide by a standard set of rules, unforeseen risks may still arise.

So how do you do business through Airbnb, make cool cash, and mitigate some of these risks? Here are five tips for protecting yourself as an Airbnb host.

Read more to find out the five tips for protecting yourself as an Airbnb host. 

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