Airbnb welcomes new rules in Victoria to stamp out party houses

Airbnb Victoria, Australia

Airbnb has joined with with the Victorian Minister for Consumer Affairs to welcome new legislation to deal with bad actors and isolated incidents of unruly behavior in home sharing and the short term rental market across the state.

The rules allow the tens of thousands of Airbnb hosts across Victoria to get on with doing a great job of providing fabulous hospitality, welcoming guests and travellers into their homes and communities – while also dealing with the rare, isolated incidents of unwelcome party houses and people doing the wrong thing.

Consumer Affairs Minister Jane Garrett said overwhelmingly people are doing the right thing, are respectful of their neighbours, and add positively to the local community by bringing visitors and tourists to local businesses.

Speaking at the press conference today, Airbnb Australia Country Manager Sam McDonagh said “our community is growing quickly because it’s built on trust – it’s the foundation of our business. We’re proud of the contribution our host community is making in Victoria and look forward to continuing to work with the government to get the rules right.”

He said Airbnb hosts across Victoria have made important contributions to the economy, job creation and the earning potential of local families.

“The average income derived through the Airbnb platform in Victoria by our hosts in any year is around $4000; and while that may not sound like a lot to some, we know the impact is in fact life changing for many. Our hosts tell us this modest supplemental income helps them pay down their mortgage, pay off bills or afford a family holiday for themselves,” Mr McDonagh said.

The legislation is understood to be introduced to the Victorian Parliament this week.

Read the full story on Airbnb Action

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