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In the midst of the global pandemic and fallout from out-of-control parties—in a world where social distancing is expected—Airbnb suspended hundreds of party houses in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

Entrenched interests, the hotel industry in particular, and NIMBY(Not-In-My-BackYard) neighbors have long put pressure on authorities to limit or even end the short-term rental industry. However as millions of owners, hosts, and travelers have come to rely on short-term rentals for badly needed income and for affordable travel.

The global pandemic and the need to limit large social gatherings has provided fuel to the opponents of short-term rentals. Party Squasher is an important tool that can help build trust with neighbors and communities.


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The short term rental business is large and diverse and despite our growing reputation, not every short term property rental uses Party Squasher (yet). Help your friends and colleagues and protect our industry from even more burdensome regulation and legislation by recommending Party Squasher to other hosts and property managers.

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Party Squasher is used by property managers and hosts all over the world to protect their investments and build trust with their communities. Share your success with the world by becoming another Party Squasher success story.

Your success story should explain your challenges with parties, why you chose Party Squasher, and some of the results you have realized so far. Let us help you build your reputation and make you famous! What’s more, we believe so strongly that sharing the benefits of Party Squasher is valuable, that we will reward you with a $50 gift card or donation to your preferred charity for every story we publish.