Bet you didn’t know (Part 2)…

Our last blog post was so popular, we are following it up with another ‘Bet you didn’t know’ list of Party Squasher capabilities and technologies! 

So, continuing with the list, Party Squasher… 

  1. Sensors are allowed by Airbnb – but you must disclose its presence to your guests.
  2. Sensors let you set your own thresholds, and decide to be alerted via SMS or email.
  3. Can prevent Airbnb suspensions – Airbnb recently suspended hundreds of party houses in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego.
  4. App lets you manage multiple properties – and see realtime and historical counts on your smartphone, from anywhere.
  5. App connects to listing calendars – to quickly view your guest’s contact details via the smartphone app.

Bonus: Offers on volume discounts, referral rewards, and customer success story rewards – look out for more info coming soon!

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