Bet you didn’t know…

Did you know that Party Squasher…

  1. Comes with a no-questions-asked SIX MONTH money back guarantee – we will even pay for return shipping!
  2. Can be locked in a box or closet and still works flawlessly – unlike sound monitoring devices that can be easily muffled, muted, and rendered useless.
  3. Does not need to be actively monitored – unlike external camera devices. The smart sensor will proactively notify you when there are too many people present. 
  4. Is tamper resistant – the smart sensor will notify you 15 minutes after it is disconnected or turned off.
  5. Is the market leading Smart Home Occupancy Monitoring technology – we have invested more than four years of research and development and we own SIX different patents!
  6. Is GDPR-compliant – meets the most stringent data privacy rules in the world.
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