Did You Know: Party Squasher Texts You When Your WiFi Is Down


Party Squasher knows when there are too many people in your home by counting the number of mobile devices in the vicinity—but you already knew this. What you might not know is that this little black box can also tell when your WiFi is down or your power is out. No more uncomfortable back-and-forth with guests complaining that the promised WiFi does not in fact work or the lights won’t switch on.

As you know, the Party Squasher device hooks up to your internet modem and that’s where the magic happens. It counts devices, it prevents parties, and it warns you (maybe before your guests even realize) when there is an internet issue or a power outage.

During recent storms, hosts found Party Squasher particularly useful when they were alerted that the power or that the internet had dropped off at their properties. Once they received the SMS alert, they were able to  follow the progress on the Party Squasher mobile app. The app shares up-to-date information in real time—and you don’t even have to be there!

Did Comcast say the internet had been fixed? Don’t bother sending someone to the property to confirm; just open up the Party Squasher app and see for yourself. It’s hosting made simple.

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