How to Avoid The Ultimate Airbnb Host Nightmare

Trashed Home After AirBnB Party

Coming home to a filthy (or even worse, trashed) home after an Airbnb rental is something all hosts have nightmares about, and something most hosts can relate to first-hand. It’s a risk many of us have to simply deal with. But what if there was a way you could prevent it? Stop a party before it happened?

Party Squasher is a party alert device that gives Airbnb hosts peace of mind. Created by a host, for hosts, Party Squasher tells you exactly how many devices (and therefore, people) are in your home at any given time.

Amanda Mills had an Airbnb horror story that led her to create Party Squasher for herself and other hosts who had been in similar situations. Well, turns out there are a lot of them.

The small, black box hooks to your internet modem and counts the number of devices that are in your home. It links to an app that texts you when it suspects a party is underway. It’s that simple.

So, how does Party Squasher suspect a party?

All you have to do is manually set the number of people that should be in your house during any given booking, and it’ll alert you when the number has been exceeded. You can view real-time data, customize your detection range (depending on house size) and adjust alert preferences all through the mobile app. Party Squasher monitors your home 24/7.

What sort of hosts should use Party Squasher?

Party Squasher is ideal for detached homes. For anyone who travels while they host, Party Squasher helps you relax and enjoy your trip. It gives you a peace of mind to have a little device looking after your home when you’re miles away.

So, can you actually make money by using Party Squasher?

If there is more people than planned in the reservation, that’s where you could charge an extra fee.

How much does Party Squasher cost?

A reasonable $149 USD for the first year, and $99 USD every year after that. This subscription includes our dedicated mobile application (iPhone and Android) on top of our physical device.

We all know that parties don’t happen every day but even if we do our best to avoid them, they can happen. And let’s face it, no host wants to be surprised by a huge mess or crazy Airbnb party problem that will affect their relationship with their neighbors, or cost them a ton of money.

Click here to learn more about the creation of Party Squasher!

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