Party Squasher Pro Delivers Occupancy Measurement Service Designed for Short-Term Rental Property Managers

A few years ago a colleague speculated that short term vacation rental property management companies would grow, consolidate, and ‘professionalize’. Sure enough, according to the VRMA today there are more than ten thousand professional management companies with more than one hundred properties under management. As property management companies have grown, the need for tools and services designed specifically for complex, geographically dispersed, multi-property organizations has grown.

Party Squasher has worked with large property management companies to deliver Party Squasher Pro, the first occupancy measurement solution for professional property managers.

First, the new Web Dashboard makes it easy to group properties into Portfolios. Managers can group properties based on qualities such as geography, risk level, local management contact, or other important operational metrics. The dashboard is also extensible so you can report status from other devices such as noise monitors or keyless locks.

Second, the Party Squasher Pro API allows property managers to connect the occupancy monitoring solution into existing Property Management System (PMS) tools commonly used by professional managers, meaning an easier and more consistent approach to managing overcrowding and parties across an entire portfolio. Property managers are able to specify different occupancy alert thresholds for each property, and receive alerts if the detected occupancy rises above that selected limit.

Watch the Party Squasher Pro demo or see how Michael Zink from AvantStay finds Party Squasher Pro ‘the perfect solution’ for scaling a property management company in the new launch interview.

Party Squasher Pro is available for trial today and will be generally available in December 2020. Contact to request access.

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