Party Squasher Receives Approval for Patent to Prevent Large Gatherings and Parties


On July 12, 2021, we were informed that the US Patent and Trademark Office approved our sixth BlueZoo patent. The patent application 2019 / 0172096 A1, “Mobile Device Detection and Tracking”, was first published on June 6, 2019, and it is our second patent that applies to our Party Squasher technology. 

As parties became more frequent in 2020, Airbnb has banned thousands of party properties, citing community concerns about parking, traffic, noise, vandalism, fights, and overcrowding during a pandemic. 

More backlash from neighbors and communities has put the short-term rental business under the microscope, risking the livelihood of millions of property owners, operators and managers. “Party Squasher technology lets me sleep better at night, knowing my property won’t become the next party-house headline“, said Jan Jens, Founder of Jantina Group, one of the fastest-growing luxury rental businesses in Florida. “Innovations such as the ability to detect Wi-Fi signals while filtering out those devices that are expected enables an operator to have a good estimate of the number of guests within the property, without actually being at the property – so guests are able to enjoy themselves with complete privacy.”

Privacy protecting Wi-Fi technology protects communities better than noise monitoring. Those devices fall to capture capacity, are easily tampered with, notoriously report false alarms, and only report party nuisances after the problems (e.g., the party) have begun. Party Squasher is better than camera surveillance (which also needs to be constantly monitored), and Wi-Fi technology is far more efficient than attempting to monitor properties in person.

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